Privacy Policy

Brilliant Packaging’s Privacy Policy

We are a company that cares about its clients in every way and at all levels. It is a part of our privacy policy to keep your information private in every manner and in every way. You can be sure that we do not give away any of your information to any users of our website or other persons.

It is an integral part of our work ethics to never keep any data you may consider to be sensitive or would not like us to keep. You do not have to worry about any sharing of contact information or personal information online or offline.

Cookies And Data Saving Of Clients

Cookies are an essential part of any online entity in the internet world, and we need them just like other businesses. Also, we comply with all privacy data laws and regulations that apply to different regions to which we cater our services. We may save some of your information for the purpose of improving your experience with us. This data is essential for us to make sure every time you land on our website; we can track the needs you have and the experience we should offer you.

They also help us in the authentication of your email account and other sources we can use to track your authenticity and past interactions with our website and business.

Zero Data Leake Policy

We can ensure you one thing for sure; you do not have to worry about sharing your personal or contact information online or offline. Your e-mail address, names, addresses, and phone numbers are completely confidential and we never share with any personnel offline or online.

We have a policy of following the responsibility that all your data always stays safe if you share it with us in any way. It is our duty to ensure we keep our work pure with the best privacy policy that a service provider can offer to its clients.