10ml Bottle Labels

To preserve things simple and ensure rapid 10ml Bottle Labels turnaround times, Brilliant Packaging Suppliers've confined our product presenting on-line to the most popular substances and laminates. We do offer a far broader choice to customers interested in 5,000 10ml Bottle Labels or greater. This includes chip boxes, displays, diverse label cloth stock and so much greater.


Brilliant Packaging Suppliers have the trendy virtual 10ml Bottle Labels printing technology that delivers professional (waterproof) 10ml Bottle Labels at even the shortest run lengths. This lets in us to simplify the custom 10ml Bottle Labels experience, supplying it to all of us who want to carry their product to the marketplace with the identical pleasant as the "big guys". All 10ml Bottle Labels are revealed on the modern-day high-velocity printing presses with state of the art die cutting/completing presses to ensure top high-quality labels and unbelievable lead times.

Choosing Your Material

White BOPP labels are Brilliant Packaging Suppliers most generally used material and is appropriate for maximum applications. White BOPP labels are made with polypropylene fabric and feature an everlasting adhesive. It is impervious to water and oils and is particularly suitable for bath and frame products and food and beverage products.

Clear BOPP Labels (Available on orders over 5,000 pieces)

Clear BOPP labels are a clear version of the Polypropylene (BOPP) material. It has the same water-resistant features because of the White BOPP. Clear BOPP Labels provide extra of a “no label” look and are also appropriate for window stickers (where opposite printing of the image permits the label to be implemented to the inner of a tumbler window and be viewed from the outside). For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, Get a Free Quote