How To Order

STEP-1 Order From Our Website

Ordering is simple; all you have to do is contact us. You can fill out the form, and then you can order from there. At the same time, we have a system of email messages you can make on our website. The email address on which you can send us a message is:

STEP-2 Pay for The Order

The second step of your order will be to pay for the order that you have made. Once you have placed it, you will get information about your order, like:

  • Size of your boxes
  • Types of your boxes
  • Delivery time of your order

Then you can make a payment through:

  • Master Cards
  • Visa Cards
  • Payoneer

STEP-3 Approval

The next step will be to help you understand what we have prepared for you. Once we have your order, our team will start its work and give you a digital sample of the boxes. Then, you can see the digital form of your boxes, and you can check them.

This way, you understand if the boxes will be prepared how you want. Once you approve or suggest changes, we prepare the boxes, and you get the result.

STEP-4 Delivery Of Your Boxes

Once your order is ready, it will take only 10 to 12 days to reach you after dispatch. At the same time, we offer you to get a quick delivery that needs a shorter turnaround time.