About Us

Who are we?

Brilliant Packaging Suppliers has been offering you custom packaging box solutions as per your requirements for the last 10 years. We have updated and advanced technology to ensure all the packaging boxes we make are of higher quality.

The printing processes that we are using are offset printing, screen printing, and digital printing.

  • Customer 100% satisfaction is our priority and we try our best to develop products.
  • We’re using the best environment and customer-friendly raw stock for printing boxes without affecting the US standard quality.
  • Our quality is the biggest point you will see when you are seeing our products.

Why Us?

One thing is for sure, our products are perfect to the core with every aspect kept in mind for our customers’ needs. How? Here is how:

  • We offer you impressive graphics and also offer you to give us your designs for printing purposes.
  • Also, we make sure we give you a perfect range of finishes, coatings, and other features. You may be looking for embossing, debossing, or anything else, so you get all you need.
  • We also make sure you get the best turnaround time and do not have to worry about late order completion.
  • Taking care of your sales boost is what we always keep in mind, so you get a perfect box design that can help increase your sales.

Our Turnaround And Costs

We are printing all box shapes and sizes that you want. We are offering you professional designing services at zero $ cost. All experienced and professional designers are ready to prepare your brand artwork. Before ordering, all the customers want to know about turnaround time.

  • Our turnaround time is 10-12 working days.
  • Your order will be at your doorstep within the time.
  • We are only offering our services in the US and UK.
  • You can discuss this with our experts, they are available on Live chat, Phone call, and email support.

Are We A Big Company Or A Small One?

We’re not the boxes re-seller agents. Brilliant Packaging suppliers have in-house production presses in the USA but also, make offshore printing facilities in Asia Pakistan. This includes the design department, printing department, lamination, die-making and cutting department, IT department, and Technical department.

We can beat your budget and other packaging box companies’ prices per unit box. Brilliant Packaging Suppliers has experienced employees, who are helping us to complete your orders with honesty and brilliant efficiency. These days the Chinese are the biggest and cheapest suppliers in the Printing and Packaging industry.

The US companies are spending $millions on importing products from China. We guarantee you we can beat the Chinese products in our expertise. You can discuss our experts, and available via Live chat, Phone call, and email.

Why should I buy from you (Brilliant Packaging Suppliers) and not your competitor?

All the customers need the best packaging solutions for their products. We’re here not only to make sales, but our priority is to guide/get you to the best solution for printing and packaging. Don’t worry we’ll not charge you any fee for packaging consulting, whether you order with us or not.

The most important factor is prices, we are doing printing at wholesale prices. Our expert is ready to assist you 24/7, you can find them on phone calls, live chat, and fill Contact Us form. This is an important question that we need to know for better assistance.