Things to Know Before You Order Custom Packaging Box

Things to Know Before You Order Custom Packaging Box

Custom Packaging Box-Picking my happiness can feel like you’re very van option. I get it I’m just as named mister shipping things. Today we’re going to talk about how are we to click the rights and affection. All these options when you start talking to your packaging box partners are going to need some basic information from you to get quotes on your project. The first thing you’re going to need to know is what type of pocket you’re gonna be using. The second information that they need to know and what dimension your packaging needs to be for the first one. What type of packaging box it’s really hoping you can bring photo reference to like bringing photos to your hairdresser.

It’s great if you can be like hey I’m looking for something kind of like this particular type of packaging box for our products any of the places to start is to think shop using a box or a mailer mailers are great for soft goods like scarves.  Because Gardens don’t need the protection of a box you can easily ship it into a mailer a nice choice would be a craft knife ora product like this you ship it right in, and it’s ready to go in the mail. It’s going to shift or keepers in a box would as well. If you’re shipping something rigid or breakables. It’s like a wine glass you don’t want to ship in a mailer.

You want to ship in a box of snug and sturdy and really fit your item which is a little bit of space around for filler. But you don’t want to ship in a box or your item is slamming in space, and then you need the filler with tons of crazy void fill staff to be responsive and wasteful. There is, even more, you can do to customize inside of your box you cannot really have a cool custom corrugated insert created just for your product and let me we do this. if you can ship up your product itself so, we can actually custom fit it there’s a great way to save on void fill and make sure your Park is really snugly fit into the box. Itself customization like that can look beautiful and it also can cost a little bit more. But first things first you don’t even have a chance to develop beautiful packaging like that if you don’t know the dimensions of your product.

let’s talk dimension the path the world of the world that’s measured in fractions of inches. it’s also measured in fractions of pennies. The last thing you want to do is get all the way through your coding process and then decide that your box needs to change by a half an inch. That’s a huge change and it’s going to impact all of your pricing. It’s best to get it right the first time once your product dimensions are set you can dive into finding out the right package dimensions. The easy way to start is by testing your product out in various size boxes you might even have to lie around the house.

Another way to join Frankenstein style and cutting up a box to fit your product. Then just measured it with a tape measure, and don’t forget to think about bundles. What is your customer orders more than one of your items? What are you going to do? with that second item, they ordered well you have to consider. How will you package bundled product? How many ways your customer typically order at a time? You can design a larger box that fits a multiple of your product. You can decide to strap them together put both boxes in a larger box one way or another you need to have a plan for bundling your product. So, achieving the right types of packaging and settling on the dimensions is a critical step. The floor you move into production.

I know these decisions can be tricky that’s why you want to ask questions beforehand, because once you move into production it’s set and the last thing anyone wants is a whole pallet of boxes, it’s too small for your product Nah, I’m not in shipping a coffee mug with a handle on the outside come on tastes like a premature decision.

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