Screen Printing and Digital Printing Methods

Screen Printing and Digital Printing Methods

Screen Printing and Digital Printing Methods

There are numerous printing methods that are used for various reasons on diverse items. However, printings are mostly used on the various items in the types of packaging. Whether it is food product bundling or a jewelry box, all are printed in a unique manner according to the printing needs of the providers. It does not matter if you need small custom boxes or big, you can print your boxes in an exceptional way to make your custom packaging stand out from the rest. You can purchase such short-run custom boxes from Brilliant Packaging Suppliers. At the moment, we are going to explain to you about two popular packaging printing techniques and the difference between them. Have a look:

Screen Printing Methods

The screen printing method is quite an old procedure. It includes making a screen and uses it as a stencil to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. A diverse screen is required for each shade that is utilized as a part of the plan, each one, in turn, consolidated to accomplish the last look. The screen printing method is the best alternative for outlines that require an abnormal state of dynamic quality, when imprinting on the dull ground, or exceptionally item. The screen printing method is generally used for bigger orders. The shading in screen printing is used in a thick way than digital printing. It brings about brighter shading even in the darker shade. It is less demanding and more cost effective to utilize screen printing to mass deliver than it is digital printing. From the perspective of fashion, the season is changing on a general premise; fashion is the essential factor for showcase mastery.

Accordingly, retailers are endeavoring to go for least stocks and give rehash arrange; printing organizations have needed to create focused techniques for survival. The scratched roller printing experiences a texture width restriction, in light of the fact that over a width of 1200 mm the rollers twist under their own particular weight. Level bed printing, for the most part, operates at down rates that influence the creation. The screen size can be up to nine meters wide for some authority texture end-uses. The real issue with the majority of the Screen printing method strategies is that these machines hand off upon the creation of an outline on a screen, or roller. Custom screen printing of shorts runs is unprofitable on account of high downtime and wastage of cloth, print glue, high etching expenses, and high work prices.

Digital Printing Methods


Digital Printing Method is an innovation that includes a work of art being process by a PC, and after that printed specifically on to the surface of texture. Digital Printing Method is not actually a heat transfer because the ink is specifically clung to the texture. It is a less demanding procedure than screen printing. A client can get a various shading plan without having a screen made for each shade. Digital Printing Method does not utilize screen takes into consideration a photographic print, with significantly more points of interest than conventional Screen printing method. It gives noteworthy sparing in both time and cash. It is frequently utilized for a plan with a considerable measure of detail, high resolution, and shading. Because the ink is applied thicker, Digital Printing Method is best utilized on the lighter hued ground, to enable the outline to sparkle through.

Difference between Screen printing method & Digital Printing Method

The difference between these two printing methods is the following:

Tools – Screen printing method includes a stencil through which the digitized image is drawn. On the other hand, in digital printing, a computer and a printer are needed with the ink cartridges. The digital prints are made on the computer.

Screen printing method takes too much time and effort. The screens take time to be made. On the other hand, digital printing does not include any effort. It can easily be made onto the computer and the print can be taken out in a short time.

Screen printing method provides better quality imaging and pictures. The reason behind it is the inks get deeply absorbed and remain for a long time. It also offers clearer edges to the picture printing as the precision that properly crafted stencils offer.

In digital printing, the ink does not spread as the image is perfectly printed onto the material. However, it tends to fade in a shorter time than the screen-printed image.