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Custom Lipstick Labels

The funniest and quickest way to create a neat looking Custom Lipstick Labels is with Labeled. This online label maker provides a range of shapes (including the lipstick’s typical round shape), sizes and background image and colour options, as well as numerous fonts, so matching the sticker with lipstick’s inviting features is not a challenge in any way. It’s simply fun and useful. For more information please Contact Us or get a Free Custom Quote

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Brilliant Packaging Suppliers has a large catalogue of Custom Lipstick Labels in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for all your cosmetic & makeup products. With all the different sizes available you can find Custom Lipstick Labels and sticker not only the front of your product but also for the back of the container and the bottom and top. Custom Lipstick Labels are resistant to moisture and chemicals, making them great for oils and lotions. Ideal for lotions, moisturizers, serums, foundations, essential oils, lip balms, blushes and more. The variety of models, colours, and quality of lipsticks that exist today are incredible. In order to help users make sense of their products, lipstick manufacturers place valuable information about their product on lipstick stickers. So, this tiny piece of paper can help consumers a lot when determining which lipstick to buy.

Custom Printed Lipstick Labels Suppliers

Some of the most important information about a lipstick can be found on the small round shaped label on one end of the lipstick. It typically includes the name and address of the business, lipstick line name, shade number, and shade name, batch number or batch code (which actually shows the date the lipstick was manufactured), and the net weight of the product.

Custom Lipstick Labels Wholesale

Lipstick manufacturers don’t just randomly decide what to place on lipstick stickers. Each country provides a comprehensive guide to labelling lipstick products, and in the US these regulations are provided by the US Food and Drug Administration. According to this entity, all lipstick products sold in retail need to include information that states: 1) name of the product (i.e. lipstick), 2) name and address of the manufacturer, packer or distributor, 3) net quantity of contents, 4) ingredients, and all this information needs to be displayed according to specific FDA rules which can be found on their website. For example, ingredients can’t all fit on the small round label, so it’s either placed on a separate label on lipstick itself or more commonly on the lipstick packaging.

In cases that manufacturers don’t have documentation that proves their product is completely safe for use, they also need to include a warning on their Custom Lipstick Labels that says that “the safety of the product has not yet been determined”. There’s been some talk about the levels of lead in lipsticks, but the FDA has investigated numerous products by different manufacturers and determined that there is no reason for concern in relation to this issue. For more information please Contact Us or get a Free Custom Quote